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Hello Drumming Instructors!

Dave knows that drumming instructors can benefit from material to help motivate and educate students. The Dave Weckl Online School can be an amazing addition to your arsenal - and it could cost little or nothing for you to use.

What is the Dave Weckl Online School?

The Dave Weckl Online School is a subscriber-based Web site with more than 30 hours of instructional material so far. Subscribers pay $30/month for access.

The school features full courses in ergonomic drum setup, drum tuning, hand and foot technique, groove/swing playing, live performance, production, and plenty more. The school also features several play along packages including mixes without drums, a chart, and a video of Dave performing the tunes. All of this is great material to work on with your students!

The school is also an interactive community. Dave has a private Facebook group that you and your students can be added to once they subscribe. Every day, Dave answers questions and watches/comments on videos posted by members.

Overall, the content and production is exactly what you would expect from Dave Weckl.

What is the Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program is designed to offer valuable benefits to drum teachers and a reduced rate.
You get a $2 per month credit for each student enrolled under you.

After you are accepted into the program, we'll give you a special link that you can distribute to students. When students use the link to enroll in Dave's school, it will register in your account. You will also be given admin priviledges to track students and income you are receiving.

How Do I Get Started?

It's easy to get started:

1. Click here to sign up for the Dave Weckl Online School. You must be a subscriber to become an affiliate. If you are already a subscriber, skip to step two!

2. Fill out the form, below, to be considered for the program. To be accepted, you must provide some form of proof that you are a teacher with students, including either a web site or social media pages that show this. If you do not have a web site or social media pages, we will contact you for more information.

3. Once accepted, we will contact you with more information.


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Here are some short promo videos from the
Dave Weckl Online School:

Ergonomic Setup

Single Strokes

Dom Famularo Series

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