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Convergence is an exciting new project from Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver!

Jay was a major creative force behind Dave's first three solo releases and two Dave Weckl Band records (Rhythm of the Soul and Synergy). Convergence reunites these longtime musical counterparts with 10 new songs!

Highlights of the album include a remake of Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground," a nod to 1990's "Master Plan" which featured two drummers. This time, it's Dave, the incredible Chris Coleman, a first-call horn section, three gospel singers, and legendary players including Dean Brown (guitar) and Jimmy Johnson (bass).

Additionally, play along versions of each song are available. These include mixes without each instrument and charts. The drum version includes a multi-camera video of Dave's actual session for each song! Coming soon: a behind-the-scenes DVD documentary!

"Higher Ground" from Convergence
featuring Dave Weckl and Chris Coleman

The Dave Weckl Acoustic Band

Dave's latest project, the Dave Weckl Acoustic Band, will be releasing a new CD in late Summer 2014. The band features Dave, Tom Kennedy, Gary Meek, and Makoto Ozone.

Dave and the group spent two days last Spring performing at Hollywood's Catalina Jazz Club. The club was full both nights and really responded to the mix of straight-ahead jazz and funk. The band went on to spend two days at Sunset Sound recording an album, which will be released later this Summer.

Stay tuned for news about the release, and make sure to check the tour page for upcoming dates!

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