Of The Same Mind
The Dave Weckl Acoustic Band

Of The Same Mind
is the debut release from the all-new Dave Weckl Acoustic Band! The band features Tom Kennedy (upright electric bass), Gary Meek (sax), and Makoto Ozone (piano/Rhodes/B3).

This is a smokin' new record! Recorded in two days at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, the recording features nine inspired tunes and a natural, organic sound. It's loaded with straight ahead jazz, plus some funk and Latin rhythms.

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Convergence from Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver

is the new project from Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver! You can purchase it right here!

The project includes a CD, play alongs versions with charts and mixes for all instruments, and a behind-the-scenes DVD (available later this Summer).

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9.18.14 : Dave Weckl Artwork Now Available!
Dave has released 10 incredible photographs! Entitled The Color of Rhythm, each photo features a timed exposure with swirls of color created by Dave's playing.

Click here to see all the available pieces! Perfect for the home, office, and studio!
 8.30.14 : Dave Weckl Acoustic Band Release!
Dave Weckl has a new band - The Dave Weckl Acoustic Band - which features Tom Kennedy (bass), Gary Meek (sax), and Makoto Ozone (keys). The band has released a new CD/download package called Of The Same Mind. Check out a video of the band - and purchase it here!
6.20.14 :  Covergence CD and Play Alongs Released!
Dave has collaborated with Jay Oliver to release 10 new songs! Entitled Convergence, the project also features play along versions for all instruments. The CD and playalongs are ONLY available in the Dave Weckl Store. Download your copy right now or order a hard copy!

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  Mike Stern Band South American Tour
Featuring Mike Stern, Tom Kennedy,
Bob Franceschini and Dave Weckl
Jazz Cafe San Jose, Costa Rica
La Trastienda Buenos Aires, Argentina
3.21 La Trastienda Montevideo, Uruguay
3.24 Nescafe Theatre Santiago de Chile
3.26 La Comedia Theatre Rosario, Argentina
3.27 Teatro del Hotel Casino Neuquen, Argentina
3.28 Don Bosco Theatre Bahia Blanca, Argentina
3.29 Roxy Theatre Mar del Plata, Argentina
3.30 La Trastienda Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Dave Weckl Clinic Tour of Brazil
Tentatively Scheduled from April 2-10

More information coming soon!
  Dave Weckl Acoustic Band: European Tour
Featuring Tom Kennedy (bass), Makoto Ozone (piano/keys/B3), and Gary Meek (saxophones)
April 24 - May 12

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